Belgium collection

Since 2018, the Belgium Centre at Paderborn University (BELZ) has been working together with Paderborn University Library to expand the university library's existing stock of literature on Belgium and books and journals published in Belgium - predominantly in Dutch, French and German - through donations.

The 'Belgium Collection' supports the BELZ's objective of creating comprehensive opportunities at Paderborn University to research Belgium and its entirety and to make it a topic of public interest, to arouse the interest of researchers and to give them the opportunity to become acquainted with the literature and culture of Belgium from various facets.

So far, the collection mainly contains gifts of books from the Belgian ambassador Ghislain D'hoop (2018) and the writer Jacques De Decker (2019), as well as items taken over from the library of the Institute of English, American and Romance Studies at RWTH Aachen University (2019).

The volumes are currently being successively incorporated into the library's holdings, systematically indexed and placed partly in the stacks and partly in the open access area of the UB. The 'Belgium Collection' is listed in the library catalogue and can be searched online. An overview of the titles contained in the collection can be found here.

Aseparate overview of the 'Jacques De Decker Library' can be found here.