Collection Prof. Dr. Josef Adolf Schmoll gen. Eisenwerth

The Paderborn University Library houses the bequeathed library of Prof. Dr. J. A. Schmoll gen. Eisenwerth (16.02.1915-20.12.2010), one of the most important German art historians after 1945.

The 'Collection J. A. Schmoll gen. Eisenwerth' comprises the subject areas of literature, philosophy, history, archaeology and, in particular, art history, with the diverse focal points of Schmoll gen. Eisenwerth, such as photography, contemporary painting, sculpture/plastic from the late Gothic period to the modern age, including, among others, a remarkable collection of works on Auguste Rodin. Also included are books from the collections of Schmoll's ancestors, such as his uncles, the Art Nouveau painter, graphic artist and glass artist Karl Schmoll von Eisenwerth (1879-1948), the architect Gustav Schmoll gen. Eisenwerth (1881-1916) and the craftsman, interior designer and sculptor Fritz Schmoll genannt Eisenwerth (1883-1963).

The donation of approximately 6.100 titles was made at the beginning of 2015 by the widow of Prof. Dr. J. A. Schmoll gen. Eisenwerth, Dr. Helga Schmoll gen. Eisenwerth (08.04.1934-04.07.2019), to the director of the UB Paderborn.

The titles have been systematically indexed and are listed in the UB catalogue and can be searched online. - An overview of the titles contained in the collection is available here.

Some of the library's titles have been digitised by the UB. The digital copies are also listed in the UB catalogue and form part of the digital collections of Paderborn University Library(