bX - Find more

You find an article, and bX finds more for you

bX Recommender Service

The bX Recommender Service integrated in the SFX menu (see also SFX - From the database to the document) and in the catalogue/Primo Central lists further titles relevant to you, following the example of online bookshops. After opening the SFX menu via the SFX button or in the detailed display of search results in the catalogue/Primo Central, you will be shown a list of up to twenty articles under the heading "Recommendations on the same subject automatically suggested by bX", depending on availability.

By clicking on the SFX button, you can open an SFX menu in a new window for the displayed articles from the suggestion list to obtain the respective full text or further suggestions.

bX also offers the option of transferring the literature references offered into your favourite literature management programme via a pull-down menu.

If you would like to know more about bX, the bX-FAQ will help you.