Electronic resources in remote access: VPN, Shibboleth (DFN-AAI)

Access to electronic resources at home and on the go

A large number of electronic resources provided by Paderborn University Library are licensed for a fee. Access authorization to licensed e-books, e-journals and databases is usually verified by the provider via an IP check (control of network address).

Employees and students of Paderborn University as well as external users (walk in users) have access. Access from campus is easily possible from computers with an IP address of the university or with the help of eduroam. Walk in users can access the resources on the computers in the library.

Employees and students can also use electronic resources off-campus or outside the university network. There are two possibilities:


VPN: University network at home and on the go

The use of a virtual private network (VPN) enables employees and students of Paderborn University to access the university network from any location. A secure, encrypted connection is established between the device used and the university network, making the notebook or the mobile device technically a part of the university network. After installing the VPN client it is possible to access almost all resources that are available within the university network.

VPN enables access to the university network as a whole. Repeated registrations for different resources or applications are not necessary.

The use of VPN requires the installation of special software (VPN client). The use depends on the respective device on which the VPN client is installed.

Information on installing the OpenVPN client, technical support and further information can be found on the website of the Information and Media Technologies Center (IMT).

Shibboleth (DFN-AAI): Web-based authentication

Shibboleth (DFN-AAI) is an internet-based authentication and authorization system. Regardless of the location, the type of device used and without installing additional software employees and students can identify themselves as authorized members of Paderborn University and thus have access to the network resources desired.

A browser and the registration data of the personal university account are required, which can be set up at the Information and Media Technologies Center (IMT) of Paderborn University when you start working or studying.

Shibboleth (DFN-AAI) can be used independently of devices and software installed on these devices.

Shibboleth (DFN-AAI) does not allow access to the university network as a whole but rather access via providers and their products, which, however, can generally be used comprehensively through single sign-on (SSO). Occasionally a new registration is required when changing between different resources (e.g. when accessing the content of several publishers).

Further information on Shibboleth (DFN-AAI) can be found on the following pages: