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Students' reserves

Students' reserves

Would you like to work with certain items in the library for a longer period of time? Then there is the possibility for you to set up a student reserve.

What do you have to do?

Please find the books (max. 15 volumes) on your own and present them to the colleagues of the corresponding subject library for recording. Here you will be given a form on which you can enter the period of use. For the sake of clarity, please leave the booking vouchers and the form in the books.

Unfortunately, you cannot place all types of items in your student reserve. Excluded are items that are non-circulating (red label with the numbers 04, 06, 08, 18, 38, 48, 58), particularly endangered items (location code number 07), and bound and unbound periodicals.

Please note that due to the limited number of workstations, setting up a student reserve is not the same as reserving a workstation.

Do you have any further questions? The staff in the subject libraries will be happy to help you.

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