View lib­rary ac­count

You can view and check your library account via the University Library catalogue,

  • which items you have borrowed,
  • when you have to extend the loan periods of the media,
  • which media you have reserved and whether reserved media have already been made available to you,
  • whether media have been reserved by other users,
  • whether there are any current fees to be paid.

This is how you log in to your library account:

  1. Call up the UB catalogue .
  2. Select the menu item 'My library account'.
  3. If necessary, log in with your library card number and password.
  4. Select, for example, 'Borrowed items' to view your currently borrowed items or 'Reservations' to view your active reservations on borrowed items.
  5. Other menu items in your library account are: Lending history, watch lists, interlibrary loan orders and your data (incl. password change function).