Security at night and at weekends

During the night and at weekends, you can make use of the following special services:

  • A body alarm device can be borrowed at the circulation desk upon deposit of the library card. This can be easily activated in case of danger and produces a loud alarm sound.
  • Two reading spaces for women are available in the entrance area of the library near the information centre. These are reserved for women from 8 pm to midnight and must be released for their use.
  • Between 8 pm and midnight, it is possible to make use of the "Security escort for women" service offered by the university's security service for routes from the workplace to a car park on the university campus or to a bus stop at the university. The service can also be requested for the way out of the library at night by calling +49 5251/60-2499.

After 8 pm, the university's security service makes nightly rounds of the library.