For your coats and bags: lockers in the library

The library offers 708 lockers of various sizes in its entrance area. They are used in particular to store items which, according to § 5 of the Library Regulations, may not be taken into the book and reading areas (e.g. bags, backpacks).

  • Note: Contrary to the Library Regulations, bags may be taken into the library until further notice.

For the use of the lockers, the Usage Regulations for the University Lockers in the university foyer in front of the library apply.

Please pay particular attention to the following

  • perishable food or dangerous objects must not be deposited in the lockers,
  • the University Library and Paderborn University are not liable for objects deposited in the lockers,
  • the lockers must be cleared daily. Every day after closing of the library (Monday to Friday at midnight, Saturday and Sunday at 8.30 pm) closed lockers are cleared by the security service.

Please bring your own padlock.

For the transport of your documents, library baskets are available for use within the library.

Another transport option are the library bags, which can be purchased at the Uni-Shop Paderborn. The bags have large transparent viewing windows and can therefore be taken into the library.

For your doc­u­ments: lock­ers on level 3 and level 5

For documents that may be taken into the library and that you would like to keep locked there, a limited number of lockers is available for students of Paderborn University on level 3 and on level 5. The locker may not be used for storing library items not borrowed by you, reference and students’ reserve items, food and drinks.

If you are interested in a locker on level 3 or 5, please contact the staff on level 5, Tel.: +49 5251/60-2017.

Ad­di­tion­al lock­ers in front of the lib­rary

To the right of the library entrance in the university foyer, in the direction of building section J / C, additional lockers are available. You must bring your own padlock for these as well.