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University Library
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Loan fees

Overview of fees

Based on the fee regulations of Paderborn University Library (Gebührenordnung der Universitätsbibliothek Paderborn vom 20.05.2010), fees will be charged in the following cases:

Overdue fines
  • 2 Euros per medium up to 10 days,  
  • 5 Euros per medium up to 20 days,
  • 10 Euros per medium up to 30 days,
  • 20 Euros per medium from the 31st day.
Overdue fines for short term loans
  • 2 Euros per day and medium up to a total of 20 Euros per medium.

Please note: These are not 'reminder charges', which only apply if the library sends out 'reminders', but 'overdue fines', which automatically arise when items are returned late. There is no waiting period or similar. You are responsible for adhering to due dates. We therefore recommend that you check your library account regularly.

Replacement charge for lost, damaged or not returned items

If you lose, damage or do not return items or parts of items (within 40 days, in the case of short-term loans 10 days after due date), you will be charged the actual replacement or repair costs or you will have to pay a compensation. In addition, an administration fee of 25 Euros per item will be charged and any overdue fines incurred must be paid.

Issue of replacement library card

Issue of replacement library card (10 Euros).

If there are charges exceeding 25 Euros on your account (regardless of whether they are, for example,  overdue fines or postage costs for interlibrary loan notifications), your library card will be automatically blocked. If there are charges of less than 25 Euros, your card will be blocked after a period of four weeks.

Any fees and expenses incurred may be reduced or waived entirely by way of exception upon written application (to be sent informally to the university library) if their collection would constitute a particular hardship in the individual case (§ 8 Abs. 1 GebO).

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