Based on the fee regulations of Paderborn University Library of 20.05.2010, fees are charged in the following cases:

Charges for items not returned within the loan period will be debited from your library account immediately when the loan period is exceeded. They are entered as follows when the loan periods are exceeded:

  • on the 1st day of exceeding the loan period for each item: 2,00 Euro,
  • on the 11th day of the overdue period for each item: 3,00 Euro,
  • on the 21st day of the overdue period for each item: 5,00 Euro,
  • on the 31st day of the overdue period, an additional 10,00 euros for each item.

for each day and each medium 2,00 Euro, but maximum 20,00 Euro per medium.

Please note: These are not 'overdue fines', which only apply if the library sends out 'reminders', but 'late fees', which arise automatically when the loan period is exceeded. They are written directly to your account.

You will receive messages about exceeding the loan period by e-mail; only the last message will also be sent to you by post (*). You are responsible for adhering to the loan deadlines. We therefore recommend that you check your library account regularly.

(*) Please note that it is in your own interest to provide us with an e-mail address so that we can notify you in good time of any imminent or incurred missed deadlines and fee cases.

In the event of loss, damage or non-return (no later than 14 days after receipt of the last notice of missed deadline) of media or parts of media, the actual replacement or repair costs are to be reimbursed or value replacement is to be paid. In addition, an administrative fee of 25,00 euros per item will be charged and any overdue fees incurred will be payable.

Issue of a duplicate library card (10,00 euros).

Address determination, if this has to be carried out by the UB due to an incorrect or non-updated address (10,00 euros).

Fees can be paid by card (Visa and Mastercard) and cash at the automatic pay stations in the library entrance area.

As soon as your account reaches the limit of 25,00 euros (regardless of whether it concerns e.g. fees or costs for interlibrary loan orders), the library card is automatically blocked.

Fees and expenses incurred can be reduced or waived completely upon written application (to be sent informally to the University Library) as an exception if charging them would mean particular hardship in the individual case (§ 8 para. 1 GebO).