Spe­cial loc­a­tions

In addition to the specialised libraries, there are a number of special locations. You can tell whether a medium is located at such a special location by the location code number:

Reference number Location
02/03/04/07 Magazine
06 Stacks - request: local loan, use: Rara reading area in the area of the information centre (entrance level)
08 Encyclopaedias, general reference works, bibliographies (level 3)
28 Institute for Interdisciplinary Research into the Middle Ages and its Aftermath (IEMAN)
86 Centre for Linguistic Studies (ZfS)
90/91 Didactic materials - request: order from the magazine
92/93 Literature on microfiche - request: order from the magazine
94/95 Literature on microfilm (roll film) - request: order from the magazine
96/97/98 Diskettes, CD-ROMs, AV supplements - Request: Order from the repository