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University Library
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Paderborn University Library offers its users the opportunity to work free of charge

Individual and group workstations

It is possible to set up students’ reserves.

Anyone who wants to leave their workplace for a short break must use a Pausenscheibe (desk reservation disc). There are currently available:

  • in the entrance area (without level 1 in building J):  
    37 individual workstations
    16 individual workstations in the newspaper reading area
  • on level 0 in building J:
    1 individual workstation
  • on level 1 in building J:
    57 individual workstations (including 3 fully accessible workstations)
    4 individual workstations in the lounge area
  • on level 2: 
    30 individual workstations
  • on level 3: 
    101 individual workstations
  • on level 4:
    53 individual workstations
    8 group workstations
  • on level 2 in building I:
    73 individual workstations
    8 group workstations
  • on level 5:
    78 individual workstations
    64 group workstations

PC workstations

PC workstations are divided into internet and intranet workstations.

The intranet PCs are available to all users of the University Library free of charge. Personal registration is not required (anonymous access). They can be used to access the university's WWW pages, the catalogue, the databases and electronic full texts licensed by the University Library as well as other selected electronic services.

The internet PCs are available free of charge to members of the university (staff and students). An exceptional admission of members of the public is only possible if a scientific or professional interest is proven; an informal written application (E-Mail) should be sent to the Head of the Department of Library Use & Service.

Personal login to the internet PCs is possible for university members with their library card number and password.

Printouts and file exports of search results and full texts are possible on all PCs.

We kindly ask you to observe the PC terms of use of Paderborn University Library!

There are currently available:

  • in the entrance area (without level 1 in building J):  
    32 PC workstations (30 internet PCs and 2 multimedia PCs)
  • on level 0 in building J:
    1 PC workstation (intranet PC)
  • on level 1 in building J:
    3 PC workstations (intranet PCs)
  • on level 2:
    1 PC workstations (intranet PCs)
  • on level 3:
    3 PC workstations (intranet PCs)
  • on level 4:
    2 PC workstations (intranet PCs)
  • on level 2 in building I:
    2 PC workstations (intranet PCs)
  • on level 5:
    3 PC workstations (intranet PCs)

Multimedia workstations

There are currently available to you free of charge

  • 2 multimedia PCs with connected scanner in the entrance area of the library (near the "information centre")

Please understand that these PC workstations are primarily intended for working with CD-ROMs, scanning books from the library's holdings or for printing out existing files and must be released at short notice for such purposes. Please use the PC workstations in the IMT pool rooms to work on your homework or other study assignments.


The entire library is equipped with transmitting/receiving stations (access points) for the university wireless network (maintained by the Information and Media Technologies Center (IMT)) so that it is possible to receive and send information via the Internet using private notebooks throughout the entire user area.

To establish an Internet connection, the notebooks must be equipped with a wireless LAN card (W-LAN) and an account must exist (registration with the IMT).

Guests of the university can also use the WLAN, provided they can authenticate themselves via EDUROAM at the data centre of their home university.

Information can be found on the IMT website at

If, contrary to expectations, there are problems with the wireless network (no or too slow connection), please contact the library IT department. From there, the problem will be forwarded to the IMT.

In many zones of the library it is possible to connect notebooks to the library’s power supply.

Advice on the wireless network is provided by the "Notebook Café" team (I 0.401). For more info, go to:

Reading spaces designated for women

In order to enable safe working also in the late evening hours, 2 reading spaces for women are provided in the entrance area of the library near the information centre. These are designated or must be made available for use by women between 8 pm and midnight.

In addition, it is possible to borrow a so-called body alarm device at the circulation desk by leaving your library card. This can be easily activated in case of danger and then triggers a loud alarm.

Rare books reading space

In the area of the information centre, works worthy of special protection can be consulted under supervision and in compliance with special conditions. This applies both to works from the library’s collection and to those borrowed from other libraries via interlibrary loan.

This workstation is located at the information centre (BI1.102). It can be used Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm and by appointment with the staff of the Information Centre and Specialist Libraries Department (phone: +49 5251 60-2017 - e-mail: information(at)ub.uni-paderborn(dot)de).


To authorized users of the library who are members of Paderborn University, writing a dissertation or postdoctoral thesis and do not have their own workspace at the university 11 carrels are available on level 2 in building I for a maximum period of 6 months.

The terms of use are defined in the regulations for the use of Paderborn University Library carrels.

Use has to be requested via an application form.

The allocation of a carrel takes place in the order of application.

Information can be obtained from the staff of the Information Centre and Specialist Libraries Department.

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