Collection Regional Literature

With a view to current teaching and research priorities as well as in the sense of integrating the university into the city and region, the university library acquires literature related to the history and culture of the city of Paderborn and the region of East Westphalia. It acquires (a) new academic literature on topics important to the region, (b) new town and village chronicles, individual descriptions of monuments, etc., which are often self-published in one-off small editions and are difficult to obtain later, and other 'small literature' as well as (c) regional literature offered in antiquarian form.

The regional literature is not arranged in a closed system: some of it, especially 'small literature', is stored in the library's stacks under the call number SR* and is listed under this call number in the UB catalogue and can be searched online. - An overview of the titles contained in the collection can be found here.

Literature: Dietmar Haubfleisch: Regionalliteratur - Bücher über Paderborn und die Region Ostwestfalen. In: PUZ - Paderborner Universitätszeitschrift, Jg. 2009, H. 1, p. 8.