Di­git­isa­tion ser­vice

Requests for the digitisation of copyright-free books from the holdings of the University Library

We offer all persons with a library card of the UB Paderborn the possibility to submit proposals for the digitisation of books from the holdings of the UB via the form "Digitisation proposal".

Digitisation is possible under the following conditions:

  • the author has been deceased for at least 70 years,
  • the books are in the holdings of the UB and the state of preservation permits digitisation.

After receiving your proposal, we will check whether it can be digitised and give you feedback as soon as possible. Please understand that the speed of processing depends on the workload of the internal scanning infrastructure and therefore varies.

Please also note that the proposed work will be scanned according to the fixed digitisation parameters of the UB.

*) The following information is required: First name, last name, library card and e-mail address of the person placing the order as well as title, author/editor, year of publication (if applicable with place of publication) and the signature of the UB Paderborn.