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University Library
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Pausenscheiben (desk reservation discs)

Please use a desk reservation disc if you wish to leave your workstation in the library for a short break.

  • You can obtain the disc at the information desks in the subject libraries and at the Information Centre.
  • When you leave the workstation, please set the current time on the disc.
  • The workstation will then not be occupied by someone else for 30 minutes (between 12 noon and 2 pm for 60 minutes).
  • Desks without or with expired reservation discs can be claimed by other users.
  • Please return the disc to the information desk after use.

If you cannot find a free workstation in the library, you can push materials aside on a work desk without or with an expired reservation disc. This workstation can then be used by you. Please do not forget to use a desk reservation disc during a break.

The reservation discs should help to ensure that the learning spaces are not blocked for hours with work materials and notebooks. In this way, a fair utilisation of the available workstations should be achieved and a productive working atmosphere made possible.


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