Com­mu­nic­a­tions 2007

Decem­ber 2007

Clos­ure of the lib­rary from 23.12.2007 to 01.01.2008

Paderborn University Library will be closed from Sunday, 23 December 2007 to Tuesday, 1 January 2008.

Unlike in previous years, this year it is not possible to open "between the years", as urgent work has to be carried out on the library's central power supply during this period.

The Computer Science Branch Library (Fürstenallee) will be closed from Saturday, 22 December 2007 to Tuesday, 1 January 2008.

Our electronic services such as catalogue, loan account, interlibrary loan, DigiBib (personalised access), databases, reference works or electronic full texts via WWW will be available to you on the days of closure.

From 02.01.2008 we will be available for you again during the usual opening hours!

Ex­ten­sion of the Spring­er e-book pack­age to the copy­right year 2008

On the basis of a consortium/framework agreement, Paderborn University Library has extended the licensing of e-book packages from Springer-Verlag for the departments of "Economics" and "Business & Economics" to the copyright year 2008. In addition to the Springer titles, the licence now also includes titles from the Gabler publishing house, a total of approx. 410 titles from the copyright years 2006/2007 and approx. 250 titles from the copyright year 2008 = approx. 660 titles.

Re­stric­tions on in­ter­lib­rary loans due to the new copy­right law

The amendments to the Copyright Act passed by the Bundestag and Bundesrat will lead to a significant restriction of delivery conditions for interlibrary loans from 1 January 2008. As § 53a UrhG only vaguely regulates the conditions for the delivery of electronic documents (delivery of interlibrary loan copies in electronic form to a customer is only permitted if there are no "obvious" publisher offers (expensive, so-called pay-per-view offers) or if these are not offered "on reasonable terms"), libraries participating in interlibrary loan must initially refrain from electronic delivery (e.g. as a download from a library server).

For this reason, until further notice, you can only be provided with paper copies of ordered articles, which you can or must collect from the local lending desk at the University Library.

Your contact for questions regarding the ordering and delivery procedure is Dr Johannes Borbach-Jaene, Usage & Service Department (Tel. 60-2010) and Karin Schäfers, Head of Interlibrary Loan (Tel. 60-2052)

The University Library deeply regrets the change in copyright law. Despite intensive efforts by the libraries and their interest groups during the legislative process, it was unfortunately not possible to achieve a better regulation. This means a weakening of Germany as a centre of education and research. It (partially) reduces to absurdity the development of a high-performance infrastructure that has been created in recent years at the expense of considerable public funds to provide researchers, teachers and students with literature that is not available locally and blocks the further development and modernisation of the quality of service achieved to date.

The delivery and provision of copies via interlibrary loan is becoming slower and more time-consuming. The alternative of ordering the relevant copies via publishers or commercial providers makes the procurement of the relevant literature more expensive.

The University Library Centre (hbz) in Cologne is responsible for the organisational and technical operation of interlibrary loans in the university libraries of the state of NRW, for clarifying legal issues and for communication within the NRW library network. As soon as the hbz has clarified any outstanding details and communicated them to the libraries, we will let you know in the New Year.

Novem­ber 2007

Pader­born Uni­ver­sity Lib­rary on site: eBib­lio­thek - Your way through the in­form­a­tion jungle!

Ex­hib­i­tion "Schu­len, die ganz an­ders sind. Re­form­schu­len in Ver­gan­gen­heit und Ge­g­en­wart." From 6 Novem­ber 2007 to 11 Janu­ary 2008 in the Pader­born Uni­ver­sity Lib­rary

The lib­rary will be closed on Thursday, 1 Novem­ber 2007 (All Saints' Day)!

Books from the reference collection can be borrowed from 31 October to 2 November.

Of course, you will have access to our electronic services such as catalogue, loan account, databases, reference works or electronic full texts via WWW on this public holiday.

Oc­to­ber 2007

On Thursday, 25 Oc­to­ber 2007, the lib­rary will close at 8 p.m. due to the AStA snoop­ing party

During the period of closure, you can of course access our electronic services such as the catalogue, loan account, databases, reference works or electronic full texts via the WWW.

20.10.2007: "Book spec­tacle" and uni­ver­sity lib­rary

Ex­hib­i­tion "Sprach­schätze in Pader­born. Hand­s­chriften und Drucke zum frühen Deutsch aus der Erzbis­chöf­lichen Akademis­chen Bib­lio­thek" from 10 to 30 Oc­to­ber 2007 in the Pader­born Uni­ver­sity Lib­rary

The Uni­ver­sity Lib­rary will be present with a stand at the "Mar­ket of Op­por­tun­it­ies" in the main en­trance area of the Uni­ver­sity (near the Ser­vice Centre) on Wed­nes­day, 17 Oc­to­ber 2007, from 10:00 to 14:00

The Uni­ver­sity Lib­rary is closed on Wed­nes­day, 3 Oc­to­ber 2007 (Day of Ger­man Unity)!

Of course, you will have access to our electronic services such as catalogue, loan account, databases, reference works or electronic full texts via WWW on this public holiday.

Septem­ber 2007

Taster study pro­gramme in nat­ur­al sci­ences and en­gin­eer­ing for school­girls

Ju­ly 2007

New ac­quis­i­tions lists in the cata­logue

From now on, the University Library catalogue offers the possibility to inform yourself about newly acquired media of the University Library.

In the top navigation bar of our catalogue you will find the option "New acquisitions lists". If you click on this, a page will appear on which you can select the period (month or year) that is of interest to you. As a result, you will receive a hit list with all titles that were acquired in the period you selected (the inventory date is relevant), with all important bibliographical details, just as you are familiar with from our catalogue. You can borrow the listed media as usual or, if they are already on loan, reserve them.

You can also search by author, body, title keyword and subject heading as well as for new acquisitions for individual academic subjects.

When searching for new acquisitions in a selected "subject area", only titles that have been catalogued using the "subject classification system for books" will be displayed as hits. As a rule, these are the newly acquired books and audiovisual media that have already been made available for use. Printed and electronic journals, e-books and databases are generally not catalogued via the "Subject classification system for books" and therefore cannot be found in a subject-restricted search.

Take a look at our new acquisitions lists!

Ad­vance no­tice: Build­ing main­ten­ance meas­ures for the Uni­ver­sity Lib­rary (levels 2, 3 and 4)

During the summer (lecture-free period), various building maintenance measures will be carried out in the University Library.

In particular, the entire level 2 will be completely renovated. The aim is to optimise the functionality of the services to be provided in this field as well as the appearance of the University Library.

As part of the building maintenance measures, the entire level will be fitted with a new floor, among other things. The workspaces for library staff will be remodelled and the walls repainted.

The layout and distribution of bookshelves, PC user workstations and photocopiers will be redesigned.

In addition, some walls on levels 3 and 4 will be repainted.

Unfortunately, it will be unavoidable that the remodelling work will lead to temporary disruptions to some of the library's services. For example, some of the book and journal collections on level 2 will be temporarily unavailable or can only be used via the stacks and some workstations and user PCs will not be available.

The photocopiers on level 2 will also have to be temporarily dismantled. The Notebook Café may have to be temporarily closed or used as "temporary storage" for furniture to be removed from level 2.

As soon as more precise dates can be given, we will inform you and keep you up to date via our newsletter, our website and notices in the library.

The building maintenance work should be completed by the beginning of October, at the start of the 2007/2008 winter semester.

We ask for your understanding!

Pader­born Uni­ver­sity Lib­rary once again makes its mark in na­tion­wide lib­rary com­par­is­on - among the top ten best lib­rar­ies: "Ahead in NRW and OWL"!

How do libraries perform as information providers, partners for science, teaching and study, and as places to learn and work? Together with Paderborn University Library (UB), 75 university libraries wanted to find out: in 2007 they once again compared their performance in the Library Index for Academic Libraries (BIX - WB), the nationwide library ranking of the German Library Association. In this year's BIX, Paderborn University Library achieved eighth place in the group of single-tier university libraries and the best ranking among the participating university libraries in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Each library participating in the BIX-WB receives points for its performance in four "disciplines": Offerings, Utilisation, Efficiency and Development Potential. The scores are then added together to produce an overall ranking. This multidimensional ranking enables the library to compare itself on the basis of 15 key performance indicators and to periodically analyse changes in its range of services and obtain a differentiated picture of its own library.

Paderborn University Library was one of 76 academic libraries, including 10 university libraries from North Rhine-Westphalia, to take part in this "ranking" and achieved the best position among the participating North Rhine-Westphalian university libraries in the group of libraries of single-tier university systems with 8th place.

The Director of the University Library, Dr Dietmar Haubfleisch, commented: "By directly comparing our performance with other libraries - benchmarking - we can put our own work to the test and find out where we can still improve our quality. We are very pleased with our positive result, which also reflects the outstanding performance of the (highly motivated) staff at the University Library. And we see ourselves confirmed in our chosen path of strong customer orientation and high willingness to innovate."

Special performance features

As in previous years, the University Library once again achieved a top ranking of 7th place in the "Development potential" category, which provides information on how flexibly the library can adapt to current development trends and whether it can provide sufficient potential for necessary changes. Significant here, for example, is the importance attached to the ongoing qualification of staff: In the "training days per employee" indicator, Paderborn University Library has by far the best value for North Rhine-Westphalia with 3.2 training days per employee.

In the field of "efficiency", which is becoming increasingly important in everyday life, Paderborn University Library is in an excellent 7th place nationwide and even 1st place in North Rhine-Westphalia. Compared to the previous year, the University Library was even able to improve its position in the field of "efficiency" by 5 positions nationwide in this year's BIX. This reflects the above-average staff productivity of Paderborn University Library, which achieved by far the best value for North Rhine-Westphalia in this category.

When it comes to the expenditure a library spends on providing media per user (the lower the expenditure per user, the more cost-efficient the library's work), Paderborn University Library is the fifth most efficient library in a nationwide comparison and the "most efficient library" in North Rhine-Westphalia.

As in previous years, Paderborn University Library stands out in the field of "Services" due to two things in particular: with 100 hours of opening hours per week, Paderborn University Library has the fifth longest opening hours of the libraries participating in the BIX-WB. And with 52.8 per cent of its acquisition budget, the University Library invests more in the acquisition and provision of electronic media and services than any other participating German library.

2006 was also a good year for Paderborn University Library in terms of library visits: once again it was able to significantly increase its visitor numbers. Over 1.26 million customers visited the library in person. On average, 3,500 customers a day - on some weekdays even more than 5,100 - visited the library and used the numerous services such as information, (media) lending and document delivery as well as the reference collection and the individual and group workstations when working on site. The high number of visitors shows that Paderborn University Library is an attractive place to study and work with an interesting range of literature and specialised information. On average, every member of the university visited the library at least 87 times in 2006 - and at the same time used the library's extensive range of electronic resources.

Opportunities for optimisation

"Our good result is no reason for us to rest on our laurels," says Dr Dietmar Haubfleisch. "We also recognise our weak points and will only be able to maintain or even improve our leading position if, thanks to the support of the university, the resource situation improves sustainably over the next few years, our existing lack of space can be eliminated and the number of individual and group workstations can be expanded".

With 443 square metres per 1,000 users, Paderborn University Library only occupies one of the last places in the nationwide comparison of public space (and thus also user workstations) (average value: 781 square metres, maximum: 2,293 square metres); in relation to the other participating NRW libraries, it even occupies last place.

In terms of the "library staff per 1,000 users" indicator, it has the ninth worst value (4.9 library staff per 1,000 users; mean: 6.5; maximum: 13.4), which makes the library's efforts to intensify contact with its customers - in particular through increased training programmes - more difficult.

And with regard to the indicator "Expenditure on literature and information per 1,000 users", Paderborn University Library is in eighth last place.

Access to over 1.3 million media units - almost around the clock

At the end of 2006, Paderborn University Library had more than 1.3 million media units, approx. 1,930 current journal subscriptions in printed form and also offered access to approx. 30,000 electronic journal titles. More than 16,800 customers of the University Library borrowed over 1.38 million items. The library was open 100 hours a week, 344 days a year. Since June 2007, opening hours have been extended to 107 hours per week (Saturdays and Sundays now from 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.).

BIX - the library index

The detailed figures of the BIX, which has been maintained since 2005 by the German Library Association (DBV) and the University Library Centre of North Rhine-Westphalia (hbz) as part of the Competence Network for Libraries (KNB), the network for supra-regional library tasks, can be accessed at:

Further information:

All results and participants of the BIX 2007:

The results of Paderborn University Library in detail:

June 2007

SFX - Spe­cial ef­fects in lit­er­at­ure re­search - Pader­born Uni­ver­sity Lib­rary en­ables an ef­fi­cient path from lit­er­at­ure re­search to full text

Anyone searching for literature at Paderborn University knows how time-consuming searching for academic literature can be: Searching subject bibliographies and other databases offered by the University Library (UB) brings to light a wealth of interesting hits, but to find out whether the desired documents are available on site in electronic or printed form or need to be ordered via interlibrary loan, a second search in the library catalogue was usually necessary in the past. If necessary, follow-up searches in other reference tools had to follow. Often enough, literature research proved to be a very tedious and time-consuming endeavour.

To solve this problem, Paderborn University Library has licenced the SFX software. With SFX, Paderborn University Library will be offering its customers a fast, efficient and convenient way of getting from literature search to document from June onwards.

What is SFX?

SFX is a context-sensitive linking system (a so-called "link resolver") from the company Ex Libris, which connects the bibliographic reference in databases with the library's electronic and printed holdings, thus making time-consuming follow-up searches superfluous.

Ideally, the path from the literature search leads directly to the electronic full text - provided the Paderborn University Library has licenced this. SFX is also used to search the library catalogue for printed holdings. If the desired title is neither available in electronic form nor as a print edition in the university library, SFX can be used to search the union catalogue of the university libraries of North Rhine-Westphalia (hbz union catalogue) and then to place an interlibrary loan order. SFX also offers a follow-up search in various search engines and a search for other publications by the author. It is also possible to automatically transfer the literature citation to various literature management programmes.

The abbreviation SFX comes from the world of film and stands for "special effects". It can be transferred to the field of literature research insofar as "special effects" also happen with the bibliographic data of a hit: They are forwarded at the click of a mouse and the user is thus directed to the full text or other services in a very convenient way.

How exactly does SFX work?

In numerous literature databases licensed by Paderborn University Library, the SFX button can be found next to the individual hits in a search. If you click on it, the bibliographic data of the selected hit is transferred to the SFX server of Paderborn University Library using a standardised URL (OpenURL standard). This server lists the electronic holdings of the University Library in the so-called knowledge base and also includes interfaces to various catalogues. The SFX server is searched with the hit data. The result is a context-sensitive service menu tailored to this specific hit, which includes, for example, a link directly to the full text or to the UB catalogue.

SFX replaces the availability query, which has been implemented in many databases at Paderborn University Library for over two years. In the past, however, there have been repeated problems with the linking: The licensed holdings of Paderborn University Library could not be adapted in detail to the query, so that the search sometimes led to nothing; access to electronic full texts was often only possible via several intermediate steps and the holdings display was confusing. In addition, it was not possible to customise the menu interface locally.

With SFX and its context-sensitive linking, an improved service can now be offered in this respect: The University Library's holdings - whether printed or in electronic form - are optimally displayed by SFX and can thus be better communicated to users - namely immediately when needed.

Organisational background

SFX was licensed via a consortium that came about on the initiative of Paderborn University Library and was organised via the North Rhine-Westphalia University Library Centre (hbz). This SFX consortium generates cost savings and synergy effects for the individual consortium participants, which so far are eight university libraries in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate (in addition to Paderborn University, the university and state libraries in Bonn, Düsseldorf and Münster as well as the university libraries in Bielefeld, Dortmund, Kaiserslautern and Trier). The system is hosted by the Kooperativer Bibliotheksverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (KOBV) in Berlin.

Further information on SFX:

  • WWW pages of the Paderborn University:
  • Wikipedia: SFX:
  • Product information from Exlibris:

If you have any questions or suggestions about SFX, please contact the SFX team at the UB . E-mail:

12 and 13 June 2007: Pader­born Uni­ver­sity Lib­rary on site: eBib­lio­thek - Your way through the in­form­a­tion jungle!

May 2007

Pader­born Uni­ver­sity Lib­rary ex­tends its open­ing hours as of 01.06.2007

From 1 June 2007, Paderborn University Library (UB) will be open Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to midnight and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm.

This means that the University Library, which was previously only open from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on Saturdays and from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on Sundays, is extending its opening hours from just under 100 hours to just under 107 hours per week. This service expansion is a measure to improve the quality of studying and teaching at Paderborn University.

The previous extensive opening hours were very gratefully received by the users of the University Library and were also very favourably received nationwide. However, there was a growing number of requests, particularly from students (e.g. in the online user survey conducted by the University Library at the end of 2006), for the opening hours to be extended:

The University Library is visited by an average of 3,500 customers a day, and on some days of the week by over 5,100. In view of the library's limited space resources, especially at peak times (exam periods), this leads to bottlenecks when looking for workstations or finding quiet places to work in the library. By extending the opening hours, the University Library is responding to the heavy use of the library. It also offers the possibility of equalising the sharp increase in use - especially as the changeover to Bachelor's and Master's degree courses and the numerous examinations associated with this are expected to lead to a further increase in demand for reading and work spaces.

Until 1994, the University Library was open Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to midnight and on Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm. On 1 October 1994, Sunday opening hours (10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.) were introduced. This made Paderborn University Library the third university library in the Federal Republic of Germany and the second university library in North Rhine-Westphalia to offer Sunday opening hours (Marburg University Library 1967, Bielefeld University Library 1975). With the extension of opening hours on Saturdays from 17.00 to 18.00 on 4 May 2002, the University Library introduced the previously valid opening hours.

With its news service extension, the University Library is (also) following a "trend" that can be observed at numerous German university libraries to extend opening hours as part of a stronger customer-orientation - up to a "24-hour library", i.e. a library that is open around the clock (Constance, Karlsruhe).

Ex­hib­i­tion from 24 May to 4 Ju­ly 2007: Ikon­en ein­er Gren­zan­lage - Spuren­suche im heut­i­gen Ber­lin

New na­tion­al li­cences for elec­tron­ic me­dia

In order to sustainably improve the supply of electronic specialist information at German universities, research institutions and scientific libraries, the German Research Foundation has been funding the acquisition of national licences since 2004. A number of new licences were purchased from the funds made available for 2007. The new products - digital text and work editions, databases and electronic journal archives - have been available to all members of universities and research institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany since April and are available free of charge in the Paderborn University Library network. In addition, the electronic journal archives of the publishers AIP, Elsevier, IOP, OUP and Springer, which were already activated last year, will be successively expanded this year in terms of time and/or titles within the framework of the national licences.

New products 2007:

Details on the titles can be found in the database information system DBIS of Paderborn University Library.

Information from the DFG on national licences:

Changed open­ing hours in May and June

Tuesday, 01.05.2007, closed (public holiday)
Thursday, 17.05.2007 , closed (public holiday)
Sunday, 27.05.2007, closed (public holiday)
Monday, 28.05.2007 , closed (public holiday)
Thursday, 07.06.2007, closed (public holiday)
Thursday, 14.06.2007, closed from 14.00 (AStA summer festival)

Of course you can also access our electronic services such as catalogue, loan account, databases, reference works or electronic full texts via WWW outside opening hours.

April 2007

26.04.2007: Girl's Day (also) at Pader­born Uni­ver­sity Lib­rary

Changed open­ing hours at East­er

Good Friday, 06.04.2007, closed on
Saturday, 07.04.2007, open from 09.00 - 18.00 hrs
Easter Sunday, 08.04.2007, closed
Easter Monday, 09.04.2007, closed

The Computer Science Branch Library in Fürstenallee will be closed from 06 to 09 April 2007.

Of course you will have access to our electronic services such as catalogue, loan account, databases, reference works or electronic full texts via WWW on Easter Monday.

Feb­ru­ary 2007

On­line cus­tom­er sur­vey

From 15 November to 15 December 2006, an online customer survey was carried out for several university libraries in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in cooperation with the Institut für wirtschaftspsychologische Forschung und Beratung GmbH (IWFB). It is part of a project funded by the Ministry of Innovation, Science, Research and Technology (MIWFT) entitled "Quality Management in University Libraries". A total of 3310 analysable questionnaires were completed for Paderborn University Library. We would like to thank you for your support. The results will be published shortly.
- Check whether you have won a book voucher

Janu­ary 2007

Monday, 29 Janu­ary 2007: Lib­rary tours - Par­ti­cip­a­tion of the Uni­ver­sity Lib­rary in the "In­form­a­tion Day 2007" at Pader­born Uni­ver­sity

Changed open­ing hours on 25.01.2007

On Thursday, 25 January, the library will be closed at 20:00 due to the AStA carnival party!

Ex­hib­i­tion from 24.01. to 01.03.2007: "Par­is. Im­pres­sion­en ein­er Stud­i­en­reise"

Book bazaar on 16.01.2007