Ex­hib­i­tions 2009

25.11.2009-03.01.2010 - ex­hib­i­tion "blick über den postkarten­rand - von der schwi­erigkeit ve­ne­dig zu fo­to­grafier­en"

Picturesque washing lines, gondolas on the Grand Canal, St Mark's Square at sunset - it is extremely difficult to photograph Venice. The motifs are too worn out, the view is too obscured by the countless and interchangeable tourist images that we know from this city. The works of nineteen students from the subject area of art, which emerged from an excursion to the Biennale di Venezia in summer 2009 and which will be presented in the University Library from 25 November 2009 to 3 January 2010, show that, despite all the adversities, it is possible to look beyond the edge of the postcard and develop unobstructed perspectives on Venice and its art.

The students' task was to photographically accompany the trip to Venice and to develop their own unique way of seeing. Just like seeing, photography is not to be understood as a mechanically functioning projection process, but each photographic documentation corresponds to a construction and thus leaves room for the creation of artistic visual worlds. The viewer's subjective gaze is continued in photography.

In view of the difficulty of detaching themselves from the postcard motif, the students have decided to create their own postcard edition, which will be presented during the exhibition and can be obtained for 5 euros from the art subject area.

Franziska Dirks,
E-mail: franzidirks@web.de

Prof. Dr. Sara Hornäk,
Faculty of Art,
Institute of Art/Music/Textiles,
E-mail: sara.hornaek@upb.de

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08.06.-28.06.2009 - "In­spir­a­tion Buch - eine künst­lerische Mind-Map"

From 8 to 28 June, the foyer of Paderborn University Library will host an exhibition by Nina Dudei, whose exhibits are intended to open up new, artistic approaches to books.

Thematically in dialogue with the library, the "House of Books", the works of art and the atmosphere of the exhibition venue enrich each other. The spectrum of content ranges from works about personal "favourite books" and the significance of the book for the individual to the confrontation of the book with its own material. The media used are painting, photography and objects.

The exhibition can be visited during the opening hours of the University Library: Mon to Fri: 7.30 - 24.00, Sat to Sun: 09.00 - 21.00 (closed on public holidays).

Nina Dudei,
Tel: 05251-39483,
E-mail: n.dudei@gmx.de

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21 April - 11 May 2009 - "Bio­grafie - ein Gen­er­a­tion­en­pro­jekt"

From 21 April to 11 May, the foyer of Paderborn University Library will be showing exhibits on the topic of "Biografie - ein Generationenprojekt" by students from the Institute of Education Studies, which were created as part of a project seminar. The exhibition includes "paintings", short films, photo collages and a few more surprises.

Theoretical principles on the complex of age, biographies and intergenerational work were put into practice by the students in a project. The "life pictures" developed with a person from another generation (from family, acquaintances, the public) were created on the basis of specific questions. They are so diverse and at the same time extraordinary that they should be presented to the public.

The students would like to present the results of their work at an opening event in the foyer of the University Library on Tuesday, 21 April 2009 at 4.00 pm. They will be available for discussion during this time.

The exhibition can be visited during the opening hours of the University Library: Mon to Fri: 7.30am - midnight, Sat to Sun: 9.00am - 9.00pm (closed on public holidays).

Contact exhibition:
Andreas Fröger and Dr Claudia Mahs,
Faculty of Arts and Humanities,
Institute of Education Studies,
Fon: 05251/60-2905,
E-Mail: cmahs@mail.upb.de

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13.01.-03.02.2009 - "Homo Sapi­ens - Der Mensch zum Menschen"

From 13 January to 3 February, a series of large-format screen prints by Jascha Fickenscher will be on display in the foyer of Paderborn University Library. Thematically, they deal with the depiction of individual fates during and after the wars of the 20th century. The motifs are intended to convey the suffering that one person can inflict on others. The chosen medium of screen printing supports the focus on the essentials. Unlike photorealistic images, which are part of everyday human life, the screen prints, which are reduced to a few layers, require the viewer to engage more intensively with the image and sharpen their sense of detail.

Without wagging a pedagogical finger, the images stand alone as a reflection of human existence in its worst form. The exhibition sees itself as an artistic contribution against forgetting and in favour of reason.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an art education concept in the form of a museum case by Christoph Paetzold.

The exhibition opening will take place on 13 January 2009 at 4 p.m. in the Notebook Café in the entrance area of the University Library. In addition to a short reading and a musical performance, the programme will be enriched by an art history lecture by Prof. Dr. Ströter-Bender on the subject of "Art after the First World War".

The exhibition can be visited during the opening hours of the University Library: Mon to Fri: 7.30am - midnight, Sat to Sun: 9.00am - 9.00pm.

Contact exhibition:
Jascha Fickenscher,
Institute for Art/Music/Textile,
Tel.: 05251/1807414,
E-Mail: josch_end@web.de.

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