Ex­hib­i­tions 2013

31 Oct - 17 Nov 2013 - "Ich bin froh, dass diese Wände nicht sprechen können...": Ex­hib­i­tion of the In­sti­tute of Prot­est­ant Theo­logy from 31 Oc­to­ber to 17 Novem­ber at Pader­born Uni­ver­sity Lib­rary

From 31 October to 17 November, the Paderborn University Library will host the exhibition "Ich bin froh, dass diese Wände nicht sprechen können..." will be shown. It is based on the impressions of a study trip organised by the Institute of Protestant Theology at Paderborn University together with the Paderborn Protestant Youth in July 2013. The aim of the trip, in which 25 people took part, was to come to terms with the Shoah, the Nazi genocide of the Jews of Europe.

In addition to guided tours of the Auschwitz main camp and the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, the programme also included a meeting with a survivor. A day in Krakow took the group to Oskar Schindler's factory and the Jewish neighbourhood of Kazimierz. The last day was spent exploring Oswiecim and its synagogue. In texts and photos, the participants tried to capture their feelings and impressions when visiting the memorial sites in Oswiecim.

To this day, the dimensions of the double breach of civilisation by the Nazi regime that can be experienced there are still shocking. The warning that this must not happen again has become the claim of "pedagogy after Auschwitz".

The exhibition can be visited during the opening hours of the University Library:
Monday to Friday: 7.30 a.m. to midnight,
Saturday to Sunday: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Contact exhibition: Richard Janus, Institute for Protestant Theology, University, rjanus@mail.upb.de.

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19 June - 14 Ju­ly 2013 - 'Buch über Büch­er': In­stall­a­tion by Ren­ate Kast­ner in the Pader­born Uni­ver­sity Lib­rary

The installation 'Buch über Bücher' by Paderborn artist Renate Kastner commemorates the burning of books eighty years ago on 10 May 1933. The object made of paper and mirror metal resembles a book into which the names and texts of authors whose works were thrown into the fire during the Third Reich have been incorporated. Images of the horrors of war are also included - a black page is dedicated to the Holocaust as the darkest chapter in German history. The mirror metals, in which the viewer encounters himself, create a direct connection with the present, symbolising our interwoven relationship with our history. Like the pages of a book, the paper and metal pages of the installation are movable and can be turned by the viewer.

The installation can be visited from 19 June to 14 July 2013 during the opening hours of the University Library:
Monday to Friday: 7.30 - 24.00,
Saturday to Sunday: 9.00 - 21.00.

Contact Installation: Dipl. Des. Renate Kastner, e-mail: kastner@renate-kastner.de

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23 April - 21 May 2013 - "Mephisto. Ein An­ti­quar­i­at in Pader­born 1990 - 2012": Ex­hib­i­tion in the Pader­born Uni­ver­sity Lib­rary

After more than 20 years in business, the antiquarian bookshop 'Mephisto' in Paderborn city centre closed its doors in August 2012. The bookshop was located in a prominent position in the Paderquell area, below the cathedral. The owner and antiquarian bookseller Gerd Grasse had succeeded in making his bookshop, with its overflowing abundance of books, one of the most interesting places in the city centre, a cultural and communication centre for passers-by, a source of inspiration for book enthusiasts and a special place to find antiquarian works that was well-known throughout the region.

With photographs by Jutta Ströter-Bender, professor in the subject area of art at Paderborn University, taken in early summer 2012, the exhibition documents a glimpse of this world of books, shelves, corners and stacks that, to the great regret of many Paderborn residents, has disappeared from Paderborn today. The photographs show the rooms of the bookshop in all their sensuality and materiality - a culture of the bibliophile that is experiencing a renaissance in the large metropolises of today. Also on display are watercolours by Anika Schediwy, art student and former employee of the antiquarian bookshop, which bring the atmosphere of this unique bookshop back to life.

The opening will take place on 23 April 2013 at 15:30 in the foyer of Paderborn University Library. The exhibition can be visited from 23 April to 21 May 2013 during the opening hours of the University Library:
Monday to Friday: 7.30 a.m. - midnight,
Saturday to Sunday: 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. (closed on public holidays).

Contact exhibition:
Prof. Dr Jutta Ströter-Bender, Institute of Art, Music and Textiles,
E-mail: stroeter@zitmail.uni-paderborn.de

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08.04.-22.04.2013 - "Through my eyes": Go Ahead! Photo ex­hib­i­tion in the Pader­born Uni­ver­sity Lib­rary

The Paderborn university group of the young aid organisation Go Ahead! e.V. is exhibiting impressions of the everyday lives of schoolchildren from Namibia and South Africa in the Paderborn University Library with the photo project "Through my eyes". On display are photographs taken by South African and Namibian primary school pupils as part of an art workshop using disposable cameras of their surroundings, their families and friends as well as personal objects.

Go Ahead! members Pia Nele Haack and Jana Hüttmann taught the children how to use the cameras on site. Equipped with disposable cameras and other art materials, the two students travelled to southern Africa for four weeks in late summer last year. "The children were immediately thrilled that this time they were allowed to be the photographers themselves. Every child who received a camera held it in their hands like a huge treasure," says Haack. "The photos also show us once again in a very creative way both the happy and the depressing aspects of the children's everyday lives," adds Hüttmann. The 30 best photo impressions will be exhibited together with information boards that provide interesting details about the children's living conditions and the education systems in both countries.

Go Ahead! was founded in 2007 as an entirely voluntary project by students who were confronted with widespread misery and the omnipresent AIDS epidemic during their voluntary service in South Africa. The aim of the association is to finance local educational projects for AIDS orphans in South Africa on the one hand and to raise awareness of the problems in southern Africa in Germany and organise volunteer programmes on the other.

The exhibition can be visited from 8 to 22 April 2013 during the opening hours of the University Library:
Monday to Friday: 7.30 - 24.00,
Saturday to Sunday: 9.00 - 21.00.

Contact exhibition:
Franziska Ewigleben, Go Ahead! e.V.,
E-mail: away.now@web.de

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